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►Daily Horoscope 2016

Développeur Vacify

HOROSCOPE 2017. FACT NOW!► The main features of the application:
• Horoscope based on 12 signs of zodiac with detail information by day, week, month and year
• Love Horoscope based on 12 signs of zodiac
• Finance & Career Horoscope
• View Biorhythms: - Physical cycle (lasts 23 days) affects physical fitness, strength and stamina - Emotional cycle (lasts 28 days) affects mood, emotions, perception and creativity - Intellectual cycle (lasts 33 days) affects thinking, learning, memory, communication, logic and analytical abilities - Intuitive cycle with 38 days period affects the ability to predict and the decision making ability - Aesthetic cycle with 43 days period affects creativity and creative skills - Spiritual cycle (psychic, spiritual) has a period of 53 days and affects the perception and the personal relationship to what exceeds a person: to God
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